1 Diagnostic Reagents and ELISA Kits for Plant Viruses Affecting Horticultural Crops
2 Pusa Compost Turner Cum Mixer and Pusa Compost Sieving Machine
3 CRISPR/Cas9-AGL6 Binary Vector Construct
4 CRISPR/Cas9-IAA9 Binary Vector Construct
5 CRISPR/Cas9-ALC Binary Vector Construct
6 Multi-Crop Ridger Planter
7 Direct Paddy Seeder
8 Trichoderma Based Formulation as Biopesticide
9 Azotobacter Technology-Carrier Based
10 Azotobacter Technology-Liquid Formulation
11 PUSA Biophos (PSB-Liquid Formulation)
12 PUSA Biophos (PSB Technology-carrier based)
13 PUSA – VAM Technology
14 PUSA Bio Zinc-Liquid Formulation
15 PUSA Biopotash-Liquid Formulation
16 PUSA Sampoorn-Liquid Formulation
17 Rice variety: Pusa Basmati 1637
18 Rice variety: Pusa Basmati 1728
19 Rice variety: Pusa Basmati 1509
20 Rice variety: Pusa Samba 1850
21 Cauliflower Cytoplasmic Male Sterile (CMS) line: Ogu3A
22 Cauliflower cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) line: Ogu33A
23 Cauliflower Hybrid: Pusa Snowball Hybrid-1
24 Cauliflower line: CMS 8498-10 (early group, medium vigour plant type)
25 Cauliflower line: CMS 8441-5 (early group, dwarf plant type)
26 Cauliflower line: CMS 8409 (November-December maturity group)
27 Cauliflower variety: Pusa Ashwini (early group)
28 Cauliflower variety: Pusa Kartiki (early group)
29 Cabbage Hybrid: Pusa Hybrid-81
30 Parents of Okra Hybrid DOH-3 (YVMV
31 Okra cv. Pusa Bhindi-5: (YVMV resistant)
32 Brinjal variety-Pusa Hara Baingan 1
33 Brinjal variety-Pusa Safed Baingan 1
34 Bbrinjal variety: Pusa Vaibhav (DBPR-23)
35 Brinjal variety-Pusa Oishiki (DBL-175)
36 Onion Variety Pusa Shobha
37 Onion Variety: Pusa Sona
38 Onion Variety: Pusa Riddhi
39 Cucumber: Pusa Parthenocarpic Cucumber-6
40 Cucumber: Cucumber:tropical gynoecious line DGC-102
41 Cucumber: Pusa Long Green
42 Sponge gourd: ToLCNDV resistant line DSG-6
43 Sponge gourd F1 hybrid: Pusa Shrestha
44 Bitter gourd: Pusa Hybrid-4
45 Extra early maturing pigeon pea variety Pusa Arhar 16
46 Garden Pea Variety: Pusa Prabal
47 Cowpea: Pusa Dharni
48 Tropical carrot F1 hybrid: Pusa Vasuda
49 Tropical carrot: Pusa Rudhira
50 Tropical carrot: Pusa Asita
51 Summer squash: Pusa Pasand
52 Muskmelon variety: Pusa Madhurima
53 Muskmelon variety: Pusa Sarda
54 Mango variety: Pusa Arunima
55 Mango Variety: Pusa Lalima
56 Mango Variety: Pusa Shreshth
57 Seed Production of Papaya Variety Pusa Nanha
58 Antioxidant Rich Papaya Candy
59 Pusa STFR Meter
60 Easy PCR kits for begomovirus detection (commercialization proposal for six Easy PCR kits)
61 Entomo-pathogenic nematode-based Galleria cadaver technology for insect pest management
62 Pusa Farm SunFridge/ Off grid battery less solar refrigerated evaporatively cooled (SREC) structure for storage of perishables
63 UAN-cum seed applicator
64 Powered Integral Equipment
65 Pusa Decomposer Technology
66 Commercial Manufacture of Affluent and Organic Solvent Free Bench-Scale Process Know how of Clay (other than kaolin/chinaclay) Based Bioplymeric Superabsorbent
67 HT trait donor rice genotype technology