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Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-NDRI to Manorama Agrobiotech Pvt. Ltd. for Testing Cow's A1 & A2 Proteins using PCR Methods 11-05-2022
Dr. Sudha Mysore CEO, AgIn participate as a panellist in IP Commercialization In An Interconnected World Lessons And Pol Icy Opportunities For India And Denmark at Hotel TAJ Palace New Delhi 11-05-2022
License granted to Government of Madhya Pradesh for “Aeroponic System for Virus-free Quality Potato Seed Production” through Agrinnovate India Ltd. Government committed to provide certified seeds to farmers on time- Shri Tomar ICAR-CPRI, Shimla develops unique Aeroponic Technology for Virus-free Potato Seed Production 05-05-2022
Agrinnovate Transfer Technology of ICAR-DCFR “Captive Maturation and Multiple Breeding of Golden Mahseer” 26-04-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-IVRI -Recombinant Antigen Based Sero-Diagnosis of Infectious Bronchitis; Recombinant Antigen Based Sero-Diagnosis of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) by Indirect ELISA; and Recombinant Antigen Based Diagnostic Kit for Sero-Diagnosis of Newcastle Disease by Single Serum Dilution ELISA 31-03-2022
Dr. Sudha Mysore, CEO, Agrinnovate was the Chief Guest at Nitte University, Mangaluru 20-03-2022
Agrinnovate Commercialized technology of ICAR-CSSRI -CSR Grow-Sure-a biomsart bio-consortia for enhancing the productivity of agri-horticultural crops in salt affected soils 06-10-2021
Agrinnovate India Limited (AgIn) grants ‘non-exclusive global marketing rights’ of ICAR-FUSICONT bio pesticide technology to Save Bananas from the Deadly Panama Wilt Disease. 01-10-2021
ICAR-IVRI transfers Technology - CSF & Sheep Pox Vaccine to Ms. Hester Biosciences through Agrinnovate 07-04-2021
A solution to stubble burning: ICAR-PUSA Compost/ Decomposer Technology 15-12-2020
Solution To Stubble Burning Woes? ICAR Developed Microbial Consortium Can Decompose Stubble In 25 Days 23-10-2020
Hester acquires technology from ICAR - IVRI to develop a new generation Brucella Abortus S19 Delta Per Vaccine 23-09-2020
Agrinnovate India participate as Institutional Partner in CII Hive | Advanced Technologies Reshaping Indian Agriculture 17 - 18 September 2020 18-09-2020
Vendor REgistration Form 13-08-2020
Atma Nirbhar Bharat Package : Booster dose for Agriculture Sector 18-05-2020
Agrinnovate India participate in Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. 05-02-2020
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